Thanks to all 11k people that followed this blog!
I’m now at daesng!

You’re currently reading this on my inactive main blog. The only blog I use atm is my sideblog daesng so click on the name to go there!

I only use daesng1 to like posts and follow people from it, since I can’t do the same with my active blog, it automatically says I do it from daesng1. The reason to why I didn’t change this one to daesng is because I was still active on my main when I created my sideblog (daesng1 had a different url though). The url is now daesng1 so people will understand who I am when I like their posts or follow them. Hence the difference between daesng1 and daesng. Wow I’ve said several words and names too many times now lol ;-;

I have deleted all of my old posts on here so I’m sorry if you came to look through my archive. Also, this post was created on January 4th 2014 but this blog has been inactive for about a year.